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Our exclusive IV treatment therapy designed specifically for the vibrant Bali lifestyle.

Whether you’re seeking to boost your immune system against Bali-specific challenges, recover from the dreaded “Bali belly,” replenish essential nutrients after a night of partying, combat the effects of jet lag, or support your fitness recovery, our specialized IV therapies have got you covered.

With a powerful blend of nutrients, hydration, and targeted formulations, our treatments aim to optimize your well-being, ensuring you can thrive in Bali’s energetic atmosphere.


Ensures your body has everything it needs to fight the symptoms of cold, flu and other illnesses.

· Benefits: Strengthens your immune system to prevent illness and infection as well as minimizes the severity and duration of existing symptoms. Increases energy and hydration.

· How it Works: Fast-acting hydration solution that replenishes fluids and supports a healthy immune system. Provides essential antioxidants and nutrients including Vitamin B-complex, Vitamin C to support and increase your body’s natural immune response.

IDR 1.200.000


This beauty and anti-aging IV will enhance your skin internally and externally.

· Benefits: Noticeable results that last. Increases skin elasticity, decreases visible wrinkles, revitalizes the skin on a cellular level, and makes lips supple. Promotes cellular growth of hair, skin, and nails, and prevents and heals skin conditions like dermatitis and hyperpigmentation.

How it works: Simultaneously hydrates the cells while introducing B-Complex Vitamins and nutrients to optimize the health, quality, and appearance of the skin

IDR 1.800.000


Prepare for or recover from your flight, acclimate to time zone changes, and regain energy from feeling rundown and fatigued.

· Benefits: Hydration, higher energy levels within minutes of treatment, elevated mood, improved blood flow and sleep.

· How it Works: Saline solution enables optimal hydration, delivers vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatory medication, and fluids directly into your bloodstream.

IDR 1.100.000


Alleviates symptoms of Bali Belly- food poisoning such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea.

· Benefits: Nausea relief, abdominal pain relief, renewed energy, replenishes essential minerals and electrolytes.

· How it Works: Quickly rehydrates the body, replenishes essential electrolytes, provides a boost of energy with Vitamin B Complex, and can include stomach protection and anti-nausea medication as needed.

IDR 1.200.000


For fitness enthusiasts and athletes to reduce recovery time and achieve maximum output.

· Benefits: Cellular rehydration, promotes muscle recovery and regeneration, elevates mood, and increases energy. Restores the body’s pH balance.

· How it works: · Provides up to two litres of hydrating fluids with vitamins, amino acids, co-enzymes, taurine, BCAA, and l-carnitine.

IDR 1.600.000


Recover quickly from a hangover with this essential IV revival drip.

· Benefits: Headache and nausea relief, re-energizes and rehydrates the body, replenishes essential minerals and electrolytes, supports mental clarity, elevates mood, restores pH balance.

· How it Works: Instantly rehydrates and reintroduces vitamins into your body after the depleting and toxifying effects of effects of alcohol, reduces inflammation, and restores hydration.

IDR 980.000


The world famous IV infusion to optimise health, well-being and improve a range of conditions.

· Benefits: Increased energy, supports immune system, alleviates stress and anxiety, reduces inflammation, improves metabolism, and provides relief from muscle cramps.

· How it works: Hydrates and quickly infuses a complete range of B and C vitamins as well as essential minerals and nutrients crucial for a healthy nervous system and muscular function.

IDR 1.300.000


Look and feel your best for the day or night ahead.

· Benefits: Increased endurance, stamina and energy, elevated mood, sense of wellbeing and mental clarity. Alleviates stress and improves metabolism.

· How it Works: An infusion of complex vitamins and nutrients will be absorbed as your body is hydrated your and optimize the functioning of your nervous system in preparation for any toxification and depletion of nutrients.